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You don't have to move to a different location to settle in your ideal house, nor do you have to make adjustments to your current room as your family expands. Our house additions optimize your room when blending in with the rest of the house. Our experienced team of architects and engineers custom-build and customize each addition to your individual needs.

We provide the following residential additions: Sunroom Addition, Extra Room Addition, Home Wine Cellar Addition, Home Game Room, Second or Third Story Addition, Bathroom Addition, among other facilities.

Connect with a member of our trained and professional residential team to do a walk-through of your house. We will assist you in identifying underutilized rooms in your home and make recommendations about how to improve the location. We see the opportunities and promise for your house because of our expertise in remodeling and improvements. Tell us about your plans for your house.

Why Choose Us?

As mentioned above, we are a true one-stop engineering shop with experience in a wide variety of specializations in delivering residential remodel and additional facilities. Our skilled engineers create productive systems and are always on the lookout for value innovative ideas that help consumers save money on building, materials, and so on.

Unlike other companies, we use automation and make every attempt to execute quality plans in weeks, not months. Who said remodeling had to be difficult?

Our proprietary data framework enables us to predict and leverage our capital in real-time. This ensures that we will operate on any size project at any time while ensuring consistency and timeliness.

We offer project designs and drawings after we recognize the requirements. We have a quick production time and the ability to monitor the project in real-time.

We can supply you with a series of sketches that you may send to the city in order to secure the required permits. Our flat fee involves responding to all city input on our proposals before the permit is issued. We will bring you in touch with trustworthy contractors in your region so you can begin working on your project right away.

Benefits of Home Addition

Building an extension is one of the most adaptable methods of transforming a house. Additions are a perfect way to get the house you desire without needing to relocate if you're thinking of extending space or building an in-law suite. There may be a variety of explanations why you are contemplating an extension, but is it the best one for you? Take a peek at some of the benefits of adding an extension to your house.

One of the most significant advantages of constructing an extension is that it can be whatever you like it to be. Perhaps you simply need to increase the size of a bed. Perhaps you need to add another bedroom or even a new wing to your home. You will schedule the home redesign with your builder to be just what you want it to be.

You will incorporate rooms where you need to because of the versatility that additions offer. If you're enlarging a room or introducing whole pieces to your house, you're making room for storage.

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Alexandria Home Addition is on a quest to offer high-quality remodeling at reasonable costs. We are fast, polite, and knowledgeable about every aspect of the construction method. You should relax knowing that your remodeling job will be completed by experienced contractors who wish to assist you in creating the house of your dreams. Contact us right away!


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